IMPORTANT INFORMATION: School uniform update for all students

As stated last academic year, we are excited that for the next stage of ISM’s development we will be transitioning from a Dress Code to a uniform, from Early Years through to Class 11, beginning in the academic year 2021-22. These uniform items will continue to be supplied by Schoolblazer, the company that ISM began using last year to develop these products.

The School Uniform Flyer below outlines the expectations for all of our students, and the final page gives details for ordering from Schoolblazer. Please read carefully so that you can order your items in a timely manner before the start of the new school year.

Please note that no old uniform items will be accepted as part of ISM’s school uniform.

You will note that we have still allowed for some flexibility with the bottom layer items, but we strongly recommend that you follow the guidelines in the flyer. Navy blue and beige are our only allowed colours for skirts, shorts or trousers, with shorts being of a bermuda style and tailored, and skirts of an appropriate length.

The expectations of our IB students are now clearly defined, and students will be expected to conform strictly to the guidelines.

Our students are our best ambassadors, and we want ISM to portray a positive and purposeful image both within and outside of the school. This is shown not only in how our students behave but is also reflected in how they dress and represent the school. More importantly, we hope that the uniform will strengthen and deepen the sense of community that is so integral to ISM. We want our students to be proud of their school, just as ISM is proud that they are our students.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Lindsay Mackenzie-Wright.

ISM Dress Code 2021-22

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