Despite the overcast day, ISM's third annual swimming gala at the heated open-air Olympic pool was a great success judging by the enthusiasm of the swimmers and the loud cheers of their supporters.
In a project initiated by Mr. James Caan C.B.E. of Dragon’s Den fame, students in Years 9, 10 and 12 were encouraged to work in teams to create innovative and exciting business ideas. They had to write their own business plans, including financials, marketing, predicted returns etc. and pitch their ideas to a team of judges who included Mr. Caan and four other members of the Monaco business community. Five teams made it to the final round, with ‘GlamScan’ being declared the winners in a closely fought contest.
Congratulation to the Class of 2017 for their excellent results in this year’s IB Diploma examinations, with a pass rate of 100 percent. Our 28 IB Diploma candidates achieved an average score of 34 points overall, well above the worldwide average for IB schools of around 29 points. Two students gained 41 points each: Constance who has been admitted to Yale University to major in economics and Caitlin who will study archeology at University College London.
For this year's Science Fair, Middle School students created an exciting display of imaginative and innovative ideas on the theme of ‘Solutions to Environmental Pollution’, of extreme importance for today’s younger generation, who will need to respond to the ever-growing environmental issues we now face.

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