This week, our U11 boys football team showcased their talent and dedication at the MedCup tournament held in Verona, Italy.

The team exhibited a remarkable level of commitment and a winning mindset throughout the tournament. After an impressive first day, our team emerged as one of the select few undefeated teams in the entire competition, narrowly trailing the group leader by a mere point. This outstanding performance secured our spot in the elite group, placing us among the top 8 schools out of the 36 participants. Our initial match against Geneve Moser resulted in a hard-fought draw, setting the stage for a series of intense encounters with formidable opponents such as Marbella, H-Farm, IS Como, and Sotogrande.

As the competition intensified on the second day, our team rose to the challenge, ultimately securing a well-deserved position among the top 8 teams in the tournament.

We congratulate the entire team on their impressive results, and we look forward to watching these talented individuals as they transition to our middle school team next year!

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