On February 3rd, the House chess tournament in the Primary School began.

The tournament brought together chess enthusiasts from across the Houses. The competition was fierce as the students showed their mastery of the game.

Earhart had three students who excelled in the tournament, with Markas (Year 4), Dante (Year 6), and Mads (Year 4) all scoring 2 points each, bringing the House’s total score to 6 points. Grimaldi also had two students who shone in the competition, with Lazar (Year 4) scoring 2 points and Alexander (Year 5) scoring 4 points, bringing their House’s total score to 6 points as well.

The tournament provided a platform for the students to showcase their chess skills and compete in a friendly environment. The students demonstrated their strategic thinking and determination as they made their moves on the chessboard. The tournament was a great success, with the students demonstrating a high level of skill and ISM’s value of caring throughout.

With the Earhart and Grimaldi Houses tying for the most points, the tournament was an exciting and close-fought competition. Mr Ross (Head of Houses) and Mrs Duncan (Assistant Head Primary School) congratulate all students who took part!



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