From June 14th to 18th, students in the Lower Secondary School celebrated Book Week along the theme of Manga Shakespeare.

Sonia Leong, the guest illustrator, is a specialist in Anime/Manga, and her first graphic novel was a Manga Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet). Students were attentive as Sonia demonstrated with great skill how to create the distinctive faces that we find in Manga comics and how to adapt stories in keeping with Manga conventions. Students and teachers then practised these skills and, as you can see, produced some excellent results! It was wonderfully inspiring for our students.

Throughout the week in English classes, students also participated in a variety of activities: using Book Creator to adapt the Shakespeare plays that they have been studying as Manga – A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Year 7), Romeo and Juliet (Year 8) and Macbeth (Year 9), hand-drawing characters and scenes from the plays and some students have been involved in role-play. In the Hub during break time, students practiced making masks, creating book covers, making a model of the Globe Theatre and playing games. Last but not least, a photo competition with prizes was held at the end of the week. What an entertaining way to end the year!

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