We were thrilled to welcome star chef Yoni Saada and his team to our school this week for two days of cooking and culinary discovery!

Well known as a finalist for Top Chef in 2013 and for his Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Yoni Saada has since continued making his mark in the culinary world, opening multiple restaurants over the past decade, including his renowned restaurant Bagnard that has two locations in Paris. He also continues to have a strong media presence, including numerous appearances on M6 and more recently as co-presenter of his cooking programme “Un Chef à l’Oreille” with Elodie Gossuin on France 2.

To kick off the event this week, Yoni held a hands-on cooking class for selected guests and ISM staff on Wednesday, May 26. On Thursday, May 27, he and the catering team prepared a special lunch for all ISM students, staff, and selected guests. We all enjoyed getting a taste (literally!) of Yoni’s renowned cuisine and cooking techniques! Merci!

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