ISM was pleased to participate this week in the Oceanographic Museum’s Sustainable Fashion and Environmental Awareness Day.

Both IBCP and IBDP students, joined by other local high school students from Monaco and Nice as well as students from the International University of Monaco, met with Influencers, Designers, Retailers and Entrepreneurs within the area of “Eco-fashion”. They were able to model upcycled clothing and have a makeover done using beauty products that were 100% organic. Organic food and coffee tasting were also available throughout the day, using edible cups, cutlery and straws. ISM students discovered hidden parts of the museum and modelled clothes made from recycled plastic and fishing nets.

This experience allowed IBCP students to apply the knowledge learned during their CP Social Enterprise Unit and their DP Business Management course, and it contributed significantly to their Service Learning within the IBCP Core, not to mention demonstrating ISM values of caring and learning!

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