In December, King’s College School Wimbledon launched an exciting ‘Roller Coaster design’ competition for the King’s family of schools, engaging students from different year groups at King’s College School Wimbledon, the International School of Monaco and Dipont KCS Chengdu.

This competition was a great way of incorporating the engineering design process into students’ science learning. The hands-on activity was an engaging design challenge that enabled students to apply this process in teams, whilst connecting science topics to real-world applications. Students took on the role of lead design engineer to design and build their own roller coasters, and all produced fantastic results after careful planning and deployment.

Many congratulations to the ISM students who won the Teamwork Award!

The ISM students really enjoyed the roller coaster competition, and I was impressed with their creative thinking, not just opting for the traditional solutions. They had to work effectively as a team to create something in the little time we had, and we look forward to future collaborations.

Mr Michael Davies, Head of Science Department at ISM

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