In September, eight ISM staff members joined bespoke leadership courses led by members of King’s College School, Wimbledon. These courses are giving our staff members an opportunity to develop their leadership capability as well as build relationships with other King’s staff members.

In October, our Head of Libraries, Jenny Abbott, met with the King’s Librarian, where they discussed their current catalogue. Jenny is now adding to ISM’s collection and is also looking at specific subjects and areas which will interest our students and add to their learning.

In November, our Extended Essay coordinator, Ludmilla Veillet, met with her King’s counterpart and she is now building on our current framework in order to help our students meet deadlines and produce work of exceptional standards.

In November, our Head of English, Gareth Hardy, met with the Head of English at King’s. Resources and good practice have been shared and are already being implemented in ISM’s classrooms.

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