In a formal signing ceremony today at ISM, our Director Stuart Bryan proudly signed the TASS Charter, symbolising ISM’s official membership in the Alliance of Sustainable Schools (TASS) and our commitment to sustainability.

This achievement is a result of the dedicated efforts of our Secondary School’s Sustainability Club and the Primary School’s Eco-Club, who have been instrumental in fostering environmental consciousness within our community. Special thanks as well to our Global Citizenship Coordinator, Mrs Amelia Sevilla-Martin, for organising this initiative!

As a member of TASS, ISM gains access to invaluable resources, best practices, and a network of like-minded student leaders, all united in our mission to create a more sustainable future. ISM looks forward to making further strides in reducing our ecological footprint, implementing eco-friendly practices, and instilling a sense of environmental responsibility in every member of our community!

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