Today, ISM was pleased to host its 8th Careers Day, bringing together 20 distinguished speakers from a diverse range of industry professions to inspire and guide our students towards their future careers.

The day commenced with a keynote address by David Harkin, founder of 8billionideas, a company that teaches students what he describes as the ‘Critical Curriculum’: Entrepreneurship, Skills for the Future, Career Education, Performance and Wellbeing. Mr Harkin’s words undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the students, igniting a spark of motivation, inspiration and ambition within each.

Throughout the morning, students had the invaluable opportunity to interact with professionals representing a wide spectrum of industries. From cyber-security to finance, medicine to marketing, the breadth of expertise on display provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the career landscape.

Beyond simply listening to presentations, students also had the chance to gain practical advice and guidance on navigating their career paths. Whether it was learning about internship opportunities, refining their resume-writing skills or understanding industry trends, every interaction contributed to their professional development.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our Careers Day a resounding success once again, in particular our speakers, students and organising team. By providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and exploration, we hope that our students have gained valuable insights for their future professional journeys and successes.

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