MS & SS Enrichment Booklet September 2018


ISM offers a full Extension and Enrichment Programme which introduces our students to different experiences where they can learn new skills and develop others.


Athletics and team sports which develop physical skills. These include soccer, rugby, basketball, yoga, sailing and running.


Arts which encourage musical and artistic abilities. These include individual lessons in piano, violin, drumscand guitar, participation in two choirs, an annual school-wide Arts Festival. ABRSM and LAMDA music and drama exams are an option.


Challenge which encourages students to try new skills and challenge themselves further by participating
in the International Award Scheme or by extending their knowledge by learning another language such as Chinese.


Community brings together the four units of the school across all age groups; all students are members
of one of our four Communities: Amiko, Rafiki , Takoda and Nakama, all of which mean “friendship”
in different languages.


Culture: enriches classroom learning with visits to places of local interest, museums and an annual field trip. Secondary students participate in the Model United Nations, where they join other international school groups to study and discuss global issues.


Outreach, which helps our students to become internationally minded and reach out to help others through annual Giving Projects and fund raising for charity.

Preserving our Planet

Preserving our Planet: various projects linked to environmental awareness help our students to understand the importance of taking care of the world they live in.