We are excited to launch “ISM Plants A Seed”, an exciting spring challenge for the entire ISM community!

For this challenge, we encourage all students, teachers, staff, families, and alumni to plant a seed (or two) and watch it grow, sharing photos with us on social media as you go along. It is an excellent activity and rewarding experience for children and adults of all ages to plant a seed, care for it, and watch it grow over time.

To support this initiative, the PTA has kindly provided a packet of flower seeds to every ISM student and staff member. Seed packets were distributed to students, teachers, and staff this week. We hope that everyone will plant them this weekend and start sharing photos of their planting progress! Photos can be shared by tagging @ismonaco on social media or by emailing them to shasta.almi@ismonaco.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone’s colourful photos of their seeds, sprouts, and blooms throughout April and beyond!

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