The ISM Houses recently held a House basketball competition that brought out the best in their students.

The event featured an array of games and tournaments that put students through their paces. Year 8 student Matteo from Baret emerged as the winner of the knockout shooting game, beating competitors from across the Secondary School. His team also clinched the victory in the Lower Secondary School basketball competition in the 3×3 tournament, securing another win for Baret.

In the Upper Secondary 3×3 tournament, Earhart took an early lead against a team of All-Stars made up of students from Shackleton, Grimaldi, and Baret. However, the All-Stars showed great teamwork and resolve, and ultimately overcame Earhart, securing a thrilling victory.

The competition showcased the exceptional talent and sportsmanship of the students at ISM. The players displayed impressive skills on the court, but what stood out the most was their unwavering spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, evident in the way they cheered each other on throughout the matches. The event was a resounding success, and with such enthusiastic participation and competitive spirit on display, the future of basketball at ISM looks brighter than ever. Well done to all participants!

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