This afternoon, ISM’s senior leadership team, Board of Trustees, staff members and the Council of International Schools (CIS) evaluation team gathered for a whole-school meeting to mark the conclusion of this week’s CIS team evaluation visit. 

As an important step in our CIS re-accreditation process, over the past week the CIS evaluation team has visited ISM and reviewed our strategic and operational running, with a particular focus on teaching, learning, wellbeing and global citizenship. This process involved over thirty meetings, activities or assemblies with staff, parents, Board members or students, as well as over one hundred and fifty interactions with these stakeholders as part of the process. In addition, over sixty lessons were visited and evaluated throughout the school.

Although we will have to wait for the final report from CIS, we were delighted to hear that the visit went exceptionally well, with many positive features of ISM mentioned, and the « remarkable » progress of the school highlighted. In particular, the wonderful sense of community and the partnership that exists between the Board of Trustees, leadership team, staff, PTA, parents and students was stressed. 

We would like to thank all members of our ISM community for their incredible support throughout the evaluation visit, with particular thanks to our members of the Board of Trustees and PTA. We would also especially like to thank Ms Hannah Gettel, our Director of Studies and CIS Coordinator, for her unwavering dedication in coordinating our CIS re-accreditation journey.

We look forward to receiving the final report from CIS soon!

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