On Friday 19th February, 17 students from the Lower and Upper Secondary School took part in their first Anti-Bullying Ambassador training, led by Alex Holmes OBE.

This training offered inspiration, practical ideas and top tips to help prevent bullying and to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy at ISM.
The Ambassadors worked together, forming a common understanding and approach to bullying across the school. They will work to further develop our whole-school approach, cultivating a school culture that relies on positivity and behaviour that is emulated by ALL members of the community: staff, support staff, parents and students.

Our next session will take place after the Winter Break and will involve all Ambassadors, both from last year and this year. We look forward to the continuing development of this team of students in the Secondary School.

In parallel, last week the Primary School applicants had their interviews with Alex Holmes and Lindsay Mackenzie-Wright. This Friday during the Primary School assembly, the successful Ambassadors were announced. They will join last year’s Primary School Ambassadors in creating a strong team of students within the Primary School who will receive their first training session after the Winter Break. Congratulations to Albert and Alexandra in year 4 and Diane Delphine in year 5 who will be joining Sofia and Paul, and to Sara in year 6 who will be joining Blake.

We will have further opportunities for our students to participate in Wellbeing initiatives, including Smile and Compliment Ambassadors. More information to come soon!

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