This week, ISM had the pleasure of hosting Professor Andrew Heinrich, ISM non-parent Board member, for a parent information session on U.S. universities and university admissions.

Professor Heinrich shared invaluable insights into the merits of pursuing higher education in the United States, highlighting unique programs tailored for ISM students and offering guidance on assessing whether the U.S. university experience is the right fit for a student. He also discussed the admissions process, holistic preparation strategies, standardised testing and tips for crafting a compelling application.

Professor Heinrich has been advising applicants to U.S. universities for 15 years in Europe, Asia and North America. He currently serves on the faculty of Columbia University, and he holds degrees from Columbia University, the University of Oxford and Harvard Law School. He is also the founder of Project Rousseau, a U.S. charity that helps refugees and asylum-seeking, homeless and indigenous young people reach their full potential.

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