ISM in the Primary

What does ISM mean in the primary school?

Internationally Minded


  • We are learning more than one language to be better able to communicate with other people.
  • We appreciate and respect other people's cultures.
  • We can express our ideas and opinions, as well as listen and respect those of others.
  • We can work cooperatively with others, discussing and sharing ideas.
  • We understand the importance of caring for our planet.
  • We are learning about global issues that affect us all.
  • We reach out to help others where it will make a positive difference.

Successful Learner


  • We attend school regularly, being on time and prepared for all lessons.
  • We listen, participate, ask questions, think critically and seek assistance when needed.
  • We are self disciplined, well organised and stay focused on our goals to improve.
  • We take particular care and pride in our work.
  • We take responsibility, being accountable for our actions.
  • We have a positive attitude to all challenges.

Motivated Learners


  • We like coming to school and we enjoy learning.
  • We do our very best and often we do more than is asked.
  • We do not give up even when it is difficult.
  • We are willing to try new ways of doing things.
  • We can work independently, as well as with others.