Is there a deadline for applications?

There is no specific deadline, and applications may be made at any time for most classes. However we do urge you to apply as soon as possible and, for the IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes, well in advance and no later than April 30th. You will need to allow us time to process your application, arrange testing, where necessary, and request references from your child’s current/previous school.

Do you give priority to any particular applications?

We will always try to accommodate brothers and sisters, or whole families joining ISM for the first time. Otherwise applications are processed in the order we receive them, provided all documents required are submitted in good time. You can help us by supplying all the required documents in good time, including school reports and the results of any special testing.

Is there a required interview or admissions test?

An entrance test and interview is usually required for admission to begin the IGCSE (Class 10 entry) and IB Diploma Programmes (Class 12 entry). We may also need to contact your child’s previous or current school for a reference. A placement test may also be required for entry to the Primary and Middle Schools - this helps us determine the correct class placement and to plan for any extra support that may be needed – please contact the Admissions Office for more information. For very young children, we encourage you to visit the school with your little ones, for an informal visit. Visits and/or testing normally take place during the school term when the school is fully operational.

Can my child sit an entrance test overseas?

This is not currently possible; we feel it is important that you visit the school so that you – and we – can be sure that ISM is right for your child. In some cases, a decision can be taken based on the information supplied with the application, including previous school reports and the results of internationally recognized exams such as the GCSE/IGCSE. An interview and an entrance test is always required to enter the IB Diploma Programme in Class 12.

How soon will I hear a decision?

Provided all the documents required have been submitted, and as soon as we have the results of any testing, we will usually give you an answer as quickly as possible. However, for wait listed classes, we are unable to confirm any places until March or April, after the re-enrolment process of our current students.

Do you have wait lists?

As with many international schools, demand can fluctuate and for some classes we cannot accept all the children who would like to join. If we cannot accept your child, you will be offered the opportunity to remain on the wait list.

How do we pay the application fee?

The application fee of 250 euros per family should normally be paid by cash, bank transfer or cheque, at the time of application. Payment of this fee can be made in euros, pounds sterling, or US dollars.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is a non-refundable cost reflecting the time involved in processing your child’s application, visits and testing. This fee is only payable once however.