Enrichment - CAS

CAS : (Creativity, Activity, Service)

In order to balance the academic demands of the programme with practical, social and physical activity, ISM Diploma and IB Diploma students must complete aproximately 250 hours of CAS, whereby they must balance the number of hours between each of the categories and provide proof thereof.

Work Experience:

Class 11 students undertake work experience following IGCSE exams. They experience the world of work, possibly in a profession they may undertake in the future. Placement may be in Monaco, but often students choose to travel to different parts of the world for a completely new experience.

Model United Nations:

The ISM Model United Nations is a thriving extra-curricular club whereby students are prepared to attend MUN conferences in Paris (PAMUN) and The Hague (THIMUN). Acting as delegates representing a given country,
they debate global issues in specific committes of the United Nations with the aim of negotiating resolutions designed to solve problems affecting our world today. Such conferences and preparation activities foster the development of a vast array of skills ranging from public speaking and debating to research and a greater understanding of different cultural perspectives.



The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award:

The Award is a non-competitive programme in which participants set and achieve personal goals for community service, skills, fitness, and adventure. It is a great way to explore new interests and try new challenges that students might not undertake otherwise, and even stretch their 'comfort zone'. The Award is open to all Secondary students in years 11 and 12, who prove their serious commitment, and is offered at the Bronze (year 10) and Silver (Years 11 and 12) levels.

Participants can expect to spend at least 6 months completing the Bronze level, and a year or more on Silver, depending on whether the participant registers as a direct entry or continues from one level to the next.


Extra Curricular Activities