Bilingual Programme


A unique feature of the school is its successful bilingual programme where students learn in English and French from the earliest age.


The two main goals of the bilingual programme in the Early Years Unit are :

  1. To give students confidence and ability to express themselves orally in both English and French.

  2. To ensure that each child has a strong foundation in the basic skills in at least one of these languages.

The structure of the bilingual programme in the Early Years Unit has been designed to achieve these goals and is as follows :


Activities in both languages are introduced simultaneously by an English speaking teacher and a French speaking assistant.


The teaching is in French every morning. Activities involve developing pre-reading and pre-writing skills with a French teacher, as well as a French speaking assistant. English is taught with an English teacher, four afternoons each week.

Class One

The emphasis is predominantly English with the basic skills in reading and writing being developed, every morning. In the afternoon, two hours are dedicated to building up vocabulary and fluency in French.

Class Two

Students spend alternate days in English and French, and the timetable has been designed to ensure that the curriculum is delivered equally in both languages.