Welcome to New Families

All new families are given a warm welcome when they arrive at ISM.
New students in Early Years normally have an orientation visit the day before school starts when parents and their children are introduced to the Unit Heads and teachers, and visit their classrooms. Primary, Middle and Secondary students and their parents will have a visit session on the first day of term.
Our P.T.A. Welcome Committee is on hand to meet new parents and to answer questions of a general nature.
All new parents are invited to a Welcome Breakfast organised by the P.T.A., and to regular coffee mornings to meet other families as well as the teaching staff.
A highlight of the year is the annual Happy Hour Cocktail party, held in the early autumn when new parents and staff are invited to a very convivial get together.
The P.T.A. Welcome Committee is headed by Mrs Kim Ellis, ably assisted by Mrs Tanya Duijnadm, Mrs Julia Lakschin, Mrs Cristina Morelli, and others. Members of the Welcome Committee speak many languages including English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese so there is always somebody available to help you. A Hospitality Committee is headed by Mrs Laila Schlereth.


The P.T.A. publishes a Welcome Booklet each year, which is a comprehensive guide to living in and around Monaco especially for families.



PTA Welcome Booklet