The Subject Areas


As a bilingual school, language learning (English and French) is at the centre of all our teaching. Through both the Learning Units and discrete language lessons, students learn to develop key skills, knowledge and understanding in reading, writing and oral communication.


We have daily Maths lessons with a clear focus on the development of both mental and written problem solving strategies. These lessons take place in both English and French, however, the methods and strategies taught are the same in both languages, so as not to confuse the students.


Weekly Science lessons in both English and French follow a practical approach wherever possible, to allow students to develop scientific skills and to gain knowledge and understanding through observation, exploration and investigation.


Through the study of History we hope to encourage our students to gain a sense of their own identity through an understanding of the past in relation to themselves, their families, their community and the wider world. Students are encouraged to develop their historical skills through the use of evidence and sources material as well as acquiring essential historical knowledge.


In order to develop a better understanding of the world around them our students are given the opportunity to develop their Geographical skills and knowledge through the use of fieldwork, maps, aerial photographs and atlases.


Information Communication Technology is used throughout the curriculum. Wherever possible, the teaching of key skills is linked to our units in order to provide a meaningful context.

Art and Design

Students will learn the creative, imaginative and practical skills needed to express their ideas and feelings. Throughout their lessons they will experiment with and develop control of tools and techniques for drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles, clay work and sculpture. Wherever possible, the teaching of skills and knowledge is linked to our units in order to provide a meaningful context.


Through drama lessons our students have the opportunity to grow in confidence, gain a sense of pride and achievement, and learn to enjoy sharing and working together. Drama can be an exciting tool for learning and an aid for developing ideas and expressing opinions.


A programme of vocal, instrumental and listening experience is developed throughout the school with children being encouraged to compose, perform and enjoy music. Children also have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments through individual or small group lessons.


Our Physical Education programme covers gymnastics, music and movement, games (e.g. soccer, basketball, tennis etc…), athletics, swimming and health and fitness activities.

Learning Hub

The Primary Learning Hub was created to merge classroom, library and ICT resources, and bring them as close as possible to the students' learning. Librarians and ICT staff work closely with teachers and students to authentically embed the core curriculum with emerging technologies, research skills and traditional library skills.