ISM is proud of both its teaching faculty and its administrative staff. Our teaching staff all hold full teaching qualifications from their country of origin and in most cases have many years of experience.

The majority of our staff are fully bilingual English/French with many of them speaking a third language also. We have an active Staff Development programme where the teaching staff attend regular I.B. training courses and conferences. Since the school was founded in 1994 the following staff have been with us for five years or longer:

20 years or more

Helen Duncan, Lindsay Mackenzie-Wright, Hervé Meriggio, Marie-Claire Newman, Céline Noclain, Caroline Ragi, Ludmilla Veillet, Madeleine Villatte

18 years

Jenny Carter, Angela Godfrey, Anne Petit, Giacomina Pizzorni

17 years

Alison Brett

15 years

Edouard Rescaglio

14 years

Patrice Colonnese

13 years

Chris Benson, Christine Boos

12 years

Eric Arnoux, Martine Delavault, Kristin Ducarme, Fayanne Harper, Véronique Masson, Habiba Taouche, Marie-Hélène Tourreilles

11 years

Benoît Carre, Arnaud Delambert, Sophie Delambert, Mona Nahjari

10 years

Sarah Allan, Ingrid Lovazzani, Sylviane Moeyersoms, Keith Oxley, Richard Ravel, Helen Whelan

9 years

Jazzmin Etherington, Pierre Kopiev, Emilie Perquis, Simon Thom

8 years

Alison Blasco, Laurent Bonna, Karine Clement, Zoé Dina, Alfonso Ortega

7 years

Nathalie Amsellem, Romain Barral, Annabelle Bastianelli, Françoise McNab, Fiona Small

6 years

Nathalie Arrigo, Célia Dupont, Karine Isnard, Matthieu Paris

5 years

Jessica Clenshaw, Christelle Contesso, Raphaele Crassard, Hannah Gettel, Melanie Ferreira Gomes, Jean-Michel Jamet, Sabine Kunst, Nicole Liversage, Pascale Lurie, Karen Pepper, Sylvie Seidita, Henrietta Vickery