School Council


In September 2003, a School Council was formed to provide a key link between the Board of Trustees, the PTA and School Administration. This Council comprises the Director, a Board Member, the PTA President and up to six parents. Much of the work is done through committees which are closely linked to the educational programmes, such as Creative Arts, Health and Safety, Giving Projects, Library and Sports.

These Committees provide a "think tank" to generate, develop and channel new ideas which will promote the continued development of key elements of the educational programme.


School Council Committee Members


Mrs. Laura DeVere

Board Representative

Mrs. Laila Schlereth

P.T.A. Representative

Mrs. Alessandra Likierman

Committee Members

Mrs. Laura DeVere, Mrs. Laila Schlereth, Mrs Alessandra Likierman, Mr. Justin Hilbert & Mr. Francis Gianni