Parent profile

ISM sees parents as partners who help the School achieve its Mission by:

  • understanding and accepting the School's Mission Statement and Core Values and abiding by school policies and practices.

  • being commited to the three IB programmes and the IB Learner profile.

  • encouraging their children to develop positive attitudes to the school and respect for all members of the school community and adherence to the IB Learner Profile.

  • being open and honest in all their dealings with the school concerning their child's learning and their social, emotional and behavioural needs.

  • respecting the holiday periods provided within the school calendar and ensuring that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time each day.

  • helping the school in its efforts to give their children a bilingual education and support in their mother tongue.

  • becoming involved in the school and the local community and using their skills and connections to help the school promote activities which will enrich and enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities for students to engage in action and service in the community.

  • following the lines of reporting as follows: should there be a concern, try and solve it with the person directly concerned; if unresolved, contact the Homeroom teacher or Unit Leader; if the problem remains, contact the Director; if the concern is not resolved at this level, contact the Board of Trustees.