Tedx Monte-Carlo Salon

Three students from ISM’s Secondary School were privileged to take part in the first ever TedXMonteCarlo Salon Event in November, hosted by Stars ‘N Bars.  A TedXSalon is a smaller and more intimate event than a full TedTalk . Open to organizers of youth or university events, and being interactive, it encourages meaningful discussion among the presenters and the audience.

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Nikolay, Year 12, Luna, Year 13 and Gemma in Year 10


This year’s theme was based on saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. It provided insightful perspectives on the matter. The event was a great success and we very proud of our three students, Gemma,  Class 10, Nikolay,  Class 12 and Luna,  Class 13, who gave inspirational speeches on their own perspectives of how Monaco can continue its fight to improve the environment for generations to come.

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