Songs Full Of Joy - ISM Voices

Their showcase evening was at the annual auction of Christmas trees at the Hotel de Paris, in aid of Action Innocence, in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II. The evening was  great success with the auction of the Christmas trees raising a substantial sum in aid of the charity which educates children on safe use of the internet.

ISM VOICES  also performed in the interval of the International Schools Speech Competition, when they sang in front of several international schools from all over the Côte d’Azur.
A smaller group of ISM VOICES joined in with the adult choir of MC Singers, including ISM staff Zoë-Laura Dina and Angela Godfrey, at a charity concert at St Paul’s Church on December 16th, in aid of the ‘School of Joy’ for handicapped children in Bethlehem.

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We commend the all the children for their very hard work, including many Sunday rehearsals, and sincerely thank Mrs Colette Marx-Nielsen who prepared the singers with great professionalism. 

ISM VOICES is an ad hoc singing group of students of varying ages; the composition of the group will vary according to the occasion, including our annual Graduation Ceremony,  but is open to any student (from Class 5 upwards) who loves to sing and is willing to commit themselves to regular rehearsals including occasional weekends.