Solutions to Environmental Pollution

For this year's Science Fair, Middle School students created an exciting display of imaginative and innovative ideas on the theme of ‘Solutions to Environmental Pollution’, of extreme importance for today’s younger generation, who will need to respond to the ever-growing environmental issues we now face.


The great variety of  projects demonstrated that they are very conscious of our planet’s precious resources, as well as ocean and space pollution.

Parents were delighted with the exhibition, impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work on display. Students were able to take on the role of teacher, discussing their ideas with passion, and even teaching the parents a thing or two! It was a proud moment for everyone who worked hard at preparing the original presentations.

Our guest scientists from the Oceanographic Museum and the Centre Scientifique de Monaco, Mme. Tiziana Caporale and Mme. Laurie Perrot (bottom right picture),  admired the projects on display,  the extent of the students'  research, and their eloquence and passion when presenting their models and ideas.

A huge thank you to Pascale for her enormous help in preparing this event, and to all our students and staff for making this year's Science Fair such a success.

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