Rafting Breil sur Roya

To kick off our Outdoor Adventure programme for this year, 21 students from years 7-10 and 4 members of staff, participated in a day of fun and adventure in Breil sur Roya.
The bus left Monaco at 8am and ventured into France, Italy & France again before arriving at its destination.

Our partners ‘Roya Evasion’ were ready & everyone was equipped with the required wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet. Due to the low level of the water at this time of year, we were given single and double ‘canoe rafts’ and taken to the start of our 5km descent of the Roya river. 

With an easy paddle to start, we were able to take in the natural beauty of our surroundings before encountering the first of many sets of rapids. The descent took around 2 hours and although some were wetter than others, everyone made it back to the village in time for a picnic lunch in the sun.

raft11.jpg raft2.jpg

We had planned a short hike to the remains of a ‘Tour Génoise’, but were invited to participate in a local handball tournament that was just about to start. Everyone was keen, so we fielded 2 teams and played 2 matches in which our students displayed the highest sportsmanship and quite some skill, winning one game and losing the other by just one point.

With all the energy expended, the bus ride home was quiet and we arrived back in Monaco a little after 4pm.

Thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and impeccable behavior, and to the participating staff for making this day such an enjoyable experience.

raft3.jpg raft4.jpg