Ocean Pollution Project

Seven students from Class 12 recently gave up a Sunday to join forces with Stars’n’Bars to help clean up the port following the Monaco Yacht Show.

The group filled over thirty giant rubbish bags with plastic bottles, packaging, hundreds of yacht show catalogues and magazines and other rubbish, for recycling by the SMA (Société Monégasque d’Assainissement). Stars’n’Bars initiated this project several years ago to protect the port area and try to limit pollution in our seas.
ISM students gave up their time as part of their CAS hours (Creativity, Activity, Service) and also to support Stars’n’Bars Eco-Hub campaign to encourage recycling, protect the port area and to raise awareness of the damage being done to our oceans.

Well done to the students whose efforts also merited coverage in the ‘Monaco-Matin’ and online journals.

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