New Alumni Committee

Madame Aryane Beachner, former Head of Secondary School, whose many years at ISM have enabled her to know virtually all our graduates, recently invited five ISM graduates from different year groups to create a newly improved Alumni Committee. The Committee's mission is to create a platform for both social and professional use. This will give the alumni the opportunity to reconnect with their peers and build an international network, through the ISM family.


After completing their studies abroad, these alumni returned to Monaco to pursue their professional careers. 

Jordan RENDALL (Class of 2004) runs his own marketing business in the Personal Protective Equipment industry.

Virginia VOGEL (Class of 2011) and Paul VAN NAELTWIJCK (Class of 2009) launched their newly founded company, Heptā Communications, focused on growing companies' brand awareness through the use of digital media, event creation and innovative public relations strategies. 

Naomi STANLEY (Class of 2012) also opted to return to her hometown to open Elite Touch, a company that offers bespoke training to those who provide a service to influential individuals specifically in households, jets and yachts. 

Maria Sole BETOCCHI (Class of 2014) has recently returned from a successful internship completion in New York working for the world-renowned shipping company, Scorpio Group.

Due to their wide range of experiences and broad network, ISM contacted them to help us adopt a fresher take on networking strategies.
Their first task is to create a social media plan to reconnect alumni on one platform. With that, they will also help develop the ISM Alumni website. 

Soon we will announce an exciting social event in Monaco for us all to reconnect with each other