This year’s MUN trip took place at an exciting new destination, the wonderful Spanish city of Bilbao.

18 Middle and Secondary School students attended, representing four delegations, with Alexander Yankovsky, Class 11, as Chair for Human Rights. One delegation, representing Malaysia, was in the special category of a Security Council country, and our ISM secondary school students made up most of this delegation. Nikolay Ulybin was an enthusiastic Ambassador and gave a convincing opening speech at the Assembly House of Guernica.

Congratulations to Luc L’Heureux, who was awarded Best Delegate (Social and Humanitarian) during the Closing Ceremony. And also to Alexander, who played a huge role in our team, supporting and encouraging the younger students, as well as being an outstanding Chair at the conference. Three middle school students deserve special mention as they were named a Country of Note during the closing Ceremony, which is spectacular considering this was their first conference - Haley Gancas, Julia Osborne and Edmond Awad.

Special thanks to Ingrid Osborn for coordinating and leading the trip, to Elaine Walker for preparing the secondary school students in the MUN club, and to Carmel Arcus and Romain Barral who accompanied the students to Bilbao.