MUN Unesco Paris
MUN Delegation
ISM delegates to the Model United Nations Conference at Paris

Model United Nations trip to UNESCO Paris

Three of our students were appointed to positions of special responsibility: Antonia as Press Officer and Jenna and Annie as Chairs of the Human Rights Committee and Special Conference respectively.

The themes of this year’s conference was “Enhancing global standards for an expanding population “.

In the roles of U N delegates, our students  debated a wide range of global issues including youth unemployment, counterfeit medicines, the re-integration of ex-combatants and many other challenging issues facing us all. They learnt how to research, lobby, merge resolutions and above all to speak in front of a large international audience at the first two days of a conference which was opened by inspiring speakers such as the Secretary General and keynote speaker Anna Santos, Pulitzer prize winning journalist and activist.  Three of our students, Matilde, Tessa and Constance also worked hard on preparing a resolution for the General Assembly on the culture and rights of indigenous peoples, and for the second year running became the main submitters of the chosen resolution. Thanks go to Ms Bardrick and Mr Poznanski who accompanied the students to Paris and helped them prepare for this very challenging conference, and to the students who were such excellent ambassadors for ISM.