Twenty-two Middle and Secondary students who attended the recent Global Citizen Forum in Monaco were able to put a question to former U N Secretary General, Mr Kofi Annan.

The students, who are all very active in the Model United Nations clubs and regularly attend MUN conferences in UNESCO and The Hague, had spent several days preparing questions to table at the Question and Answer session with Mr Kofi Annan. Attending this very prestigious conference were many global leaders and delegates from all over the world. The students were able to put a question directly to Mr Annan about whether the United Nations could be held accountable for the Rwandan genocide.  Welcoming a question from young people Mr Annan gave a very considered reply, explaining how the UN works and how far it can go. The students were also able to attend the Plenary Session with General Wesley Clark, Mrs Regina Cantrambone, founder of the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, and Armand Arton, Founder of the Global Citizen Forum.


This was an exceptional opportunity for our students to attend such a high profile forum and to hear at first hand, from people directly involved, how world leaders are trying to tackle issues such as the refugees crisis We are extremely grateful to Mr Oliver Sodeik, Organizer of the Forum, for his gracious invitation to ISM.