ISM Participates in TedX conference

ISM Director, Mr Francis Gianni, was one of the guest speakers at the TedX conference  at the Grimaldi Forum on November 11th. The theme of the conference was “Licence to know” and Mr Gianni was invited to speak on the topic of anti-bullying, and in particular, cyber-bullying, and how prevention starts at home. 

A number of students from Classes 12 and 13 also participated as volunteers and had the opportunity to hear speeches on topics ranging from the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its future, tools for living in a safe and secure world (cyber security, personal safety & security), ways to protect our privacy when using social media, and exploring the unknown and the endless opportunities at our finger tips. 

To see Mr Gianni’s speech in full you will find the link here :

tedx2.jpg tedx4.jpg