ISM Arts Festival 2018

“Variety is the Spice of Life”

94 performers from across the Primary, Middle and Secondary Schools took part in the annual Arts Festival at the Théâtre des Variétés. There certainly was plenty of variety and dash of spice, with 21 different performances ranging from group musical medleys, street dance, cheerleading, yoyo, Drama Club, Primary School LAMDA groups, dance groups, magic tricks in the interval, and much more. Months of preparation came together for one night in which the students at ISM were able to showcase their many talents in a professional theatre

The audience and stage performers all enjoyed a wonderful evening’s entertainment and we warmly thank everyone who contributed towards this year’s show, especially the PTA.

Many thanks to the Arts Festival Committee - Zoë-Laura DINA, Carmel ARCUS and Colette MARX-NIELSEN who produced and directed the show; Adrian WHITE, Raphael LOBLEY, Pauline MINNIS; Hinatea PENILLA; Ninette GUILBARD; Fabien CHENIER; Bojana NISLIC; and the various staff who helped supervise students during rehearsals; and parents and staff at ISM for their support.

All Photos ©Ed Wright

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