Enterprise Challenge Award

In a project initiated by Mr. James Caan C.B.E. of Dragon’s Den fame, students in Years 9, 10 and 12 were encouraged to work in teams to create innovative and exciting business ideas. They had to write their own business plans, including financials, marketing, predicted returns etc. and pitch their ideas to a team of judges who included Mr. Caan and four other members of the Monaco business community. Five teams made it to the final round, with ‘GlamScan’ being declared the winners in a closely fought contest. Congratulations to the winning team: Ioannis Nalbantis (Class 12), Kateryna Matuzny and Victoria Nikitina (Class 9).
‘I was really impressed with the quality of the presentations’, said Mr. Caan, ‘they were as good as some of the pitches I’ve seen on Dragon’s Den’.
Many thanks to the judges: Mr. Caan, Mr. Cournoyer, Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Kenyon-Slade and Mrs. Perris Magnetto Tamborrino and Mrs. van Kalles and Ms. Gettel who worked all year with the students.

thumb_img_4961_1024.jpg thumb_img_4976_1024_winning_team_iopannis_nalbantis_kayerina_matuzny_and_vicoria_nikitina_with_james_caan.jpg