Careers Day 2019

Our sixth annual Careers Day, for all students in Classes 7-12, on Wednesday 20th March was a great success. Mr David Coulthard, ex-Formula One driver, gave a very uplifting and inspirational keynote speech to our students and staff as well as to the 26 guest speakers who conducted mini-seminars on varying fields of work and expertise. New ideas for careers came with mini seminars on military/defence law, technology, start-ups, conservation, cancer biology, ocean and environmental science, real estate, film and television production, philanthropy, events management and careers in both the military and in sports.

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Our guest speakers were very impressed with our students, with one writing "The students were all extremely engaged and I had some of the best questions from some real young minds which blew me away. Fantastic to see ISM instilling in young kids such a great inquisitive attitude."

Congratulations to all our Student Chaperones who ensured the smooth running of the event – and many thanks to our wonderful guest speakers for sharing their experiences with us. We thank Mrs Lindsay Mackenzie-Wright, the School Council and the Careers Day Committee for their organisation of this highlight of the school calendar.

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