Learning Support


ISM is committed to providing its students with an excellent and balanced education. In the Primary school, the bilingual programme provides an educational challenge for all children. In the Middle and Secondary schools the curriculum is increasingly rigorous and highly academic.

Taking into account the educational demands of the school, decisions concerning acceptance and placement are taken with regards to:

  1. The applicant's ability to meet the academic and ethical standards of the school,
  2. The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant,
  3. The potential of the applicant to benefit from the programmes and educational services available in the school.

ISM acknowledges that many students might need some kind of additional support during their academic careers.

Language Support

ISM is an International school and as such is committed to supporting the language needs of its students. Language support in small groups is included in the tuition fees. Where additional 1:1 support is required either during or outside of the school day the cost will be met by the parents.

Learning Support Needs

Once a place is offered, ISM will support the educational needs of students diagnosed with moderate learning difficulties but cannot responsibly serve those with severe learning difficulties.

For students who require additional support for a limited period of time, ISM will provide in-class or small group support.

This support will be reviewed after each period of one term and a decision concerning future support will be taken according to the following criteria:

  • The student has made sustained, consistent progress as a result of intervention and support can be discontinued;
  • The student is making steady progress but would benefit from continuing intervention. Support will continue for a further period of one term;
  • Progress is insufficient and/or the pupil's continuing difficulties are causing barriers to learning. Long-term 1:1 or group support is necessary.


The cost of any testing that requires the intervention of an outside agency will be met by the parents.

There are students whose needs ISM cannot responsibly serve and therefore they will not be admitted to the school. These could be students for whom a bilingual education is not appropriate, students who cannot follow a highly academic programme in the Middle and Secondary School, students for whom we do not have the necessary expertise and those who require considerable support for emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In all cases the school's decision will be final.