ISM in the Middle School


Internationally Minded

  • are fluent in at least two languages
  • learn about the cultures of others
  • respect the cultures of others
  • visit new places as part of the learning experience
  • work cooperatively with other students
  • look after the school environment
  • are honest and truthful
  • are aware of global issues

Successful Learning

  • ask relevant questions
  • develop an interest in all areas of school life
  • respect school rules and policies
  • enjoy coming to school
  • are independent learners
  • demonstrate a positive attitude to learning
  • contribute to class discussion

Motivated Learning

  • always strive for excellent work
  • takes pride in work
  • keep an open mind to different ways of learning
  • recognises the best way to learn for each individual
  • are able to reflect upon the learning experience
  • talk about how to improve our own learning
  • complete homework to a good standard and submit it on time