IB Learner Profile


The accomplishment of this Mission Statement will teach our students to become:


They will be caring, responsible young people sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, with a sense of personal commitment to action and service both in the local community and beyond.


They will understand and express ideas and information effectively and confidently in many forms and in more than one language.

Critical Thinkers

They will apply their thinking and analytical skills critically to evaluate information, make sound decisions and solve complex problems.


Their natural curiosity and creativity will be nurtured into a love of learning which will be sustained throughout their lives. They will acquire the skills necessary to conduct purposeful, constructive research and become independent learners.


They will acquire and be able to make use of, a significant body of knowledge across a wide range of disciplines.

Open Minded

They will understand and appreciate their own culture and have an ever widening international outlook, open to the perspectives, values and traditions of others. They will be accustomed to seeking and considering a range of points of view.


They will tell the truth and have the courage to speak up for what is right; they will keep their word, have a sense of fairness and justice and a respect for themselves and the right and opinions of others.


They will give thoughtful consideration to their own personal and academic developments, analysing and reflecting on situations and events in order to learn from them.

Risk Takers

They will approach unfamiliar situations with confidence and have the independence of spirit to try new ideas and strategies.

Well Balanced

They will develop emotionally and physically, becoming responsible well rounded young people, actively involved in a balanced range of activities.