ISM Dress Code 2019-2020 - Early Years & Primary School

Students can wear:

· Plain navy blue or white polo shirt or collared shirt (blouse for girls).

· Plain navy blue jumper or cardigan.

· Plain navy blue or beige trousers or skirts/skorts (skirts with concealed shirts), knee-length shorts.

· Plain navy blue winter coats or summer jackets.

· Plain navy blue Pinafores and Polo Shirt style dresses

· Shoes: closed toe, comfortable and dark in colour. Plain white trainers are also acceptable.


Specifically excluded:

·  Large logos or other decorations or motifs 

·  Sweat shirts

·  Jogging pants

·  Hoodies

·  Anything in denim

·  Flip flops, crocs, shoes with lights and shoes with a high heel or wedge

·  Uggs are not appropriate footwear for school either

Please note :

·  Students must not come to school wearing jewellery

·  All long hair must be tied back



ISM Dress Code 2019-2020 - Secondary School Students (classes 7 - 13)

Students can wear:

For girls :

· Smart navy blue or beige skirts or trousers (skirts to be within 2 inches of the knee).

· White shirt or blouse(with a collar) for formal days. Polo shirts are permitted out-with formal days.

· Navy blue jumper or cardigan(in colder months).


For boys :

· Smart navy blue or beige shorts or trousers.

· White shirt(with a collar) or white or navy polo shirts on non-formal days.

· Navy blue pullover or cardigan(in colder months).


In addition, all Secondary students (Classes 7-13) will be expected to wear a navy jacket with  trousers or skirt, on formal occasions such as MUN conferences, Careers Day, Business Enterprise, Photograph Day and Prize giving.

Specifically excluded:

·  Large logos or other decorations or motifs

·  T-shirts or any shirt or blouse without a collar

·  Sweat shirts

·  Jogging pants and leggings

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