Culture / Field Trips


Visits to museums and places of local interest form a valuable complement to academic life.

For the younger children, these include visits to the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco and the Fernand Léger or Matisse Museums and the Villa Kerylos on the Côte d’Azur.

In the Primary School, field trips for Classes 3 to 6 normally take place in the spring and typically include a short stay (3 days) in the French Alps for Classe 3, whilst Classes 4 and 5 spend a week in the French Alps and Class 6 spend a week further afield in Switzerland.



In the Middle School the field trips are an integral part of our curriculum in trimester 1, and learning is directed towards these trips in all subjects. These trips are mandatory for all Middle School students and gives students are real learning experience outside of the classroom.

This year, Class 7 are visiting Avignon, Oranges and Nïmes; Class 8 are going to Cortona in Tuscany; Class 9 will be visiting the Battlefields in northern France.

In the Secondary School a geography expedition usually takes place in the summer term for Class 10.