Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of up to nine adhering members elected for a period of three years by the members of the ISM Association.

Its main function is to appoint and give support to the Director, establish policy, define the direction of the school, approve the finances and ensure the school has facilities appropriate to an international education in Monaco.

The Board meets approximately once per month during term time.


Justin is Australian, married to Mette who is Danish. They have two children at ISM and have lived in Monaco for 16 years.  
Justin has been active on the School Council, founded the ISM Bulls Investment Club and keenly promotes sport at ISM.

Justin was educated in Australia and is a graduate in Commerce of La Trobe university. More recently, Justin completed the newly established Oxford Fintech Programme at the University of Oxford, Said Business School. He has extensive experience in the global hedge fund industry and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Churchill Capital.


Board Chair
Chair of the Buildings and Estates Committee
and of the Governance and Nominations Committee
Elected June 2018




Raffaella is Italian married to Rodolfo. She is an ISM parent: two of her children have graduated and three are still at the school. Raffaella has been living in Monaco since 2011. 

Prior to her election as Board member she was vice-president of the PTA. She has served on the Education and Bursaries Committees.
Raffaella was educated in Turin and majored in linguistics and Italian law. She has extensive experience serving on the boards of companies in the automotive and steel sectors and of a philanthropic foundation.


Board Vice Chair
Elected to Board in 2015, re-elected 2018




Anneliza is a German/British national married to Sturle who is Norwegian. She has one child in Primary School. In addition to German and English, she speaks French, Norwegian and Italian. She studied Law and Art History at universities in the UK, Germany, and attended an international school in Singapore where she was born. She has fourteen years of experience as a legal counsel in various international companies and is an avid fan of sports and the outdoors. 

Her commitment to ISM was consistently demonstrated through her diligent engagement with the Governance Committee; as such, she was co-opted to the Board of Trustees in October 2020.  


Board Secretary
Co-opted in Oct.2020